Happy New Year…

elements i love... Surry Hills

instagram elements_i_love

We ended the year with a shipment just arrived from France and start the New Year with one from India…and a few thoughts to guide us through 2013.

Colour and texture is a good thing…
elements i love...surry hills

   bright pinks, saffrons and reds of India always lift my spirits  – they are saying be positive & live each day to the fullest…

elements i love... surry hills

Value the artisans of the world,  hand-made is good regardless of country of origin…

elements i love... surry hiills

Buy things to keep not to throw away…

elements i love... surry hills

Embrace texture, pattern and real wood…

elements i love... antiquesand don’t forget to breathe…

elements i love... surry hills

photo 4Elements i love… will open this Saturday 5th January 2013 hope to see you!

One Response to “Happy New Year…”
  1. & cherish Beautiful things…. I am loving my lanterns from Elements i Love… Happy new year
    S x

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