Antiques in the workshop…

a beautiful detail pic of a pair of French enamel urns..

After a few weeks of buying in France & Belgium – it is very grounding to return to the workshop! Although sometimes i think the name workshop does not do justice to this creative space…perhaps atelier or studio? Whatever the name, it is here that our ideas take shape, it is a hard-working space where … Continue reading

Antiques & a little ray of sunshine…

pretty, french, rustic elements...

Just like february last year, i posted about the rainy days of summer! Amongst the many days of tropical rain, there have been some beautiful moments of sunshine. Lovely dappled sun in the morning and warm afternoon rays bathing the showroom in a dreamy light are some pretty pics of whats in store, some … Continue reading

  • It’s not what you look at that matters it’s what you see ~ Thoreau
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