Autumn arrives…

As the month of March quickly became April, we were kept busy with both Elements i love.. and our big brother warehouse Architectural & Antique Elements – some days are a little more chaotic than others! I thought i would share a few instagram pics, for those not following us… The warehouse looked gorgeous last … Continue reading

Once a year…

Once a year Mother’s Day comes around….. it’s perfect timing (the month of May) to indulge in little fun, buy something on your wishlist,  or enjoy a late breakfast & leisurely morning. I have included a few suggestions below if needed… For those who also end up mothering the dog of the house – perhaps the family pooch could give back too, we have a … Continue reading

How the days can change…

Last blooms

The last flush of colour and blooms from the local frangipanis is such a delight at this time of year, unfortunately in the past few days there have been plenty dropping to the ground due to the unrelenting rain we have had….complete down pour desperately needed by Sydney but nowhere else!!

  • It’s not what you look at that matters it’s what you see ~ Thoreau
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