Indian Shipments

The shipments from India are always very uplifting!  The colour, carving & different regions that we source from make for a wonderful collection. We like to buy a mix of Anglo-Indian pieces, with simple colonial lines and if we are lucky enough to find some rare early pieces that show the artisan skills of a bygone era like the beautifully, intricate hand cut mirrored doors or the hand painted doors from Shekawati. 

We search for antique doors that are of a practical size, not too big and not too small – for those who are building with a more tropical coastal feel, the old teak pieces are invaluable as they age beautifully. Keep in mind ~ not all of our pieces are on the showroom floor so let us know if you are looking for ‘something’ it maybe off the floor or it could be on its way….

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One Response to “Indian Shipments”
  1. Merchant Artisan Design says:

    Elements is a treasure trove of I want, I wish, may I have and when can you deliver…Love it all!

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