A little Indian and a little Anglo


So much colour and carving is found in India, sometimes it can be too much, but also sometimes breathtaking !  Our search for original Anglo Indian pieces such as panelled cupboards, entry doors & simple benches that suit the interiors of Australian homes or gardens are always high on our list when buying in India. The delightful European/English influence combined with Indian craftsmanship is a great marriage &  we love the way it mixes in with the French pieces in the showroom.

1.S003 Early Indian carved shutters with flowers
Early hand carved doorset makes a stunning statement in a modern interior..
Anglo-Indian railway bench
The ever popular Anglo-Indian railway bench
Had to throw in a couple of heavily carved elements…very decorative
Anglo Indian Arched windows – now mirrored

For those cold days in the warehouse we love to have a few candles burning in old stone niches to create some kind of feeling of warmth…well we think it makes a difference.

IMG_0810 (675x900)

For me the beauty of the architectural details in the palaces is a highlight on every trip to India, the beautifully worn paintwork on this hand carved marble lady is from the the amazing City Palace in Udaipur.

201. Wooden day bed

But of course we travel to India to hunt for one of a kind pieces to bring home…and this lovely original string daybed is just one of the many items that has just arrived so come for a visit soon!

x Brooke

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