Winter is truly here, so to France we must go where it is summer time….we have had our fair share of early winter & mid winter buying trips so we thought this year we would get in early – some pics will posted along the way. A bientot!

French chemical jars - tres decorative

Vintage glass bottles

Recently we collaborated with Simmone Logue and her yummy rustic food for a photoshoot at Elements – the combination of a clever stylist Carlu Seaver, good photographer Camilla Quiddington & our very own fine vintage, antique rustic furniture made for some great pics…here are a few snaps taken on the day by another talented person Elise Hassey. Keep a look out for the finished pics on Simmone Logues website…& a follow up post.

& if all the elements come together, the photos can make you very hungry! for more cooking inspiration check out Little Things blogspot by photographer & stylist…Chantelle Grady

Chorizo & Eggs - Little Things blogspot
Carlu getting it just right
French wrought iron nightstand...beautiful

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