Love Antique doors…Part II

It looks like France has some serious competition when it comes to doors and entrances that i love. In the cities of Rome & Florence the doorsets are often seen in polished rich coloured timbers where as the smaller villages many of the old doors have a lovely, almost unkept rustic simplicity; though the paint work is not maintained quite as the French would like it!(nor the aussies for that matter).
This weathered time worn look is often what makes ‘old things’ so appealing, & often a focus of our sourcing along with colour & texture. It is perhaps worth remembering when buying a piece for your place – perfect isn’t always best.

Put these in the container please…
Everybody wants doors like these
Love the colour!
Old doors-old paint Assisi, Italy
Entrance doors – San Gimignano
Rustic blue painted doors


  1. I love antique doors! As you, i am always photographing them, being inspired by the weathered colors, architecture, material. I went to visit Zanzibar with the main purpose of walking through the old streets of Stone Town in search of its famous doors. I was in heaven!

    1. Hi Coralee
      Thanks so much for your email, I haven’t sold them in the past but it is on the horizon with our new store in Byron. Let me know which one you are interested in and I can come back to you with size options and some kind of price 🙂 Brooke

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