wintertime in france…..part II

From the outside looking in an ‘antique buying trip to France sounds trés romantic, however in reality the schedule is exhausting, especially the very early morning rises in the dark, in the middle of winter…..~ despite this, it is

-1 degrees – its cold outside & inside & its 8am.

always inspiring!  The travel, the different faces & places, & the wonderful finds that ‘i have to have’ make it all worthwhile. Though along with all the really interesting, quirky and fab pieces, there is much ‘antique’ junk on offer. What not to buy becomes equally as important as what we choose to put in our container.

Visiting Maison+Objet in Paris, one of the great interior design trade shows, seemed like luxury (having heating, lighting & food available) after some decidedly chilly days spent in old warehouses & cold mornings at flea markets.   It was both exciting and interesting to see the trends that are coming our way but also a tad depressing too ~ seeing the worlds resources being used to produce ALOT of same, same future land fill. An abundance of faux french ‘antique’ furniture can only make ‘the real thing’ that much more desirable, non?

M+O – is it the real thing?
French country or seaside..whatever takes your fancy is on offer..
Faux French, Indian or Moroccan…
Lots of leather..chairs, lights, trays, tables..
Now this is a light…
Spheres arounds lights, a popular trend….
m+o-winter bulbs in abundance…
m+o-glass & lovely fresh or faux flowers – it was hard to tell..
french dealers hard at work, what crisis?…
Flea market fun
Flea market fun..

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