It's the weekend, roll out some pastry on this marble topped bakers table 89.f5

delicieux praline tarts from lyon

Just like february last year, i posted about the rainy days of summer! Amongst the many days of tropical rain, there have been some beautiful moments of sunshine. Lovely dappled sun in the morning and warm afternoon rays bathing the showroom in a dreamy light are some pretty pics of whats in store, some old, some new.

dappled sun at 6.45am
love the way the morning sun captured these pieces on my mantlepiece…

French oak haberdashery table (103.f4) with lovely old trough filled with pots & flowers
Console table & chest of drawers - both pieces have marble tops
Showroom, late afternoon....
French oak bufffet, a very handsome fella..147.f5
antiques & art
One of, an elegant pair of Swedish demi-lune tables
Just in,a great pair of rustic Oriental doors
French metal trough - great decorating piece. 15.f5
pretty, french, rustic elements...

i don’t think rain is on the forecast so have a great weekend!

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