Interiors with colour & texture…

I have to admit I don’t mind a wet and rainy afternoons – they are a great excuse for staying at home & doing some slow cooking.Fog Birchgrove, rainy days

On days like this it is worth having pieces you love – that will make your house a home & a splash of colour can be good for the soul ~ no matter the season. This collection of Royal Doulton plates hang in my mother’s south coast home – where we cook, bake and laugh on rainy days. elements i love, interiors, blog, southcoast

Children’s rooms require decorative elements that encourage play – use these striped red, white & blue French skipping ropes to tie back curtains or hang on hooks; but make sure they put them to good use on sunny days…Colour, texture, original & real...

Find a corner in the bedroom for pretty French chairs –  they are both lovely to look at and the perfect place to throw your clothes on at the end of a long day…

elements i love, blog, interiors, antiques

Colourful finds in France from my recent buying trip always make my heart sing, as much as I love neutrals.  French charm is unmistakable in artisan made vintage french toys – plenty of other fun decorative pieces coming in very soon…

elements i love, interiors, france, blog, antiques

elements i love, france, buying trip, blog, antiques

And one of my favourite finds from Northern France is this fabulous industrial piece – it has it all. Colour, texture & scale…would look great in a kitchen/living area or part of restaurant or bar area, pretty much anywhere you put – it is going to be the piece that creates the space.elements i love, blog, antiques, french, industrial

My friend Lisa, arranging a very colourful & eclectic tiled entry in her apartment in Bondi – she loves a pop of colour and pattern. Do you love these tiles, they are brought into Australia by Sonja at Jatana tiles, find them here

elements i love, interiors, decorating, texture, antiques

More rain is forecast for April….hope you stay dry! 

rainy days of summer+autumn+..

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