Once a year…

Once a year Mother’s Day comes around….. it’s perfect timing (the month of May) to indulge in little fun, buy something on your wishlist,  or enjoy a late breakfast & leisurely morning. I have included a few suggestions below if needed…
For those who also end up mothering the dog of the house – perhaps the family pooch could give back too, we have a lovely book in store ‘The French Dog’ by Rachael McKenna,  full of adorable pics of well-kept dogs lounging around chateaus in France, such is life!
The French Dog, by Rachael McKenna
Vintage glass dessert bowls
Original brass letters with worn blue paint 180mm x 180mm
Silvered lanterns & votives…
I am not sure how it began, but i am glad that it did. In the past few years we have created our own little tradition on mother’s day ~  in lieu of a long lunch we have opted for a spot of retail therapy,  followed by a bite to eat at the cheese & antipasto bar…The beauty in this –  is that there is no-one in the city and its actually fun to shop with your family in toe tow when it’s all about YOU! (caution, i would not recommend this with toddlers etc)
12 drawers to hide life’s paraphernalia in…
Put the champagne on ice…only 3 left!
Like Paris, flowers are always a good idea…
Wherever in the world you are and whatever you end up doing on Sunday, May 13th – enjoy the moment ..& Have a Happy Mother’s Day!

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