Interior heaven…..

Over time i have noticed that the interiors i am drawn to & that influence me are often designed or owned by antique dealers. It is the texture and scale and what feels like personal details that are imparted into the space ~ my latest swoon was Richard Shapiros‘ Malibu Beach house recently featured in both Architectural Digest and Belle –  the location is not bad either!
elements i love, interiors
Love the scale of this space along with the modern elements & of course the interest that the antiques pieces add to the room…
elements i love, interiors
quite some view…
Architectural elements & aged finishes, herringbone tiles…what’s not to love?
The man behind the company, Axel Vervoordt  has been on my radar for some years now, his interiors are mostly understated & modest, a kind of undeclared beauty which is at the heart of the Japanese aesthetic of ‘wabi-sabi’ – the art of finding beauty in imperfection.
For me it is interior architecture heaven, when both parts have equal say in the room. Such authenticity & simplicity. His sense of design is clearly genetic as Boris Vervoordts’ petite apartment in Antwerp was recently featured in Vogue Living ~ the texture from both the hand adzed farmhouse door & the old leather club chair immediately caught my eye…
elements i love, interiors
Uncluttered & authentic interiors
Axel Vervoodt interiors
Boris Vervoordt apartment in Antwerp as seen in Vogue Living
And to the south of France ~ where we all imagine having a little sojourn for a week or two in Provence. This is the home of London based antique dealer, Appley Hoare – one room says it all…
Effortless style…

Antique dealers interiors AH

Last but not least the home of Alain & Brigitte Garnier – Belgium antiques dealers, you may have seen this home before as it is all over Pinterest. It has great appeal, as it feels very lived in and un-styled but so much thought has gone into achieving this relaxed interior.   The antique fixtures in the kitchen, rough hewn oak floors and the  bluestone bench tops are very strong materials giving the space a grounded earthy feel….along with beautifully designed architectural features like the staircase below which would sadly not pass our OH&S rules here in Australia 😦

elements i love, interiors

Love this view of the kitchen..texture, texture
Alain & brigitte garnier’s kitchen

Of course all of these homes have taken time to evolve and you can see the influence in the antiques, salvaged materials and ‘flea market’ finds that create a houses with character & richness. Today, in our uber-connected world with imagery and choices abound  it can be such an easy mistake to rush and try and ‘finish’ your interior/home but if you can slow the process down you will be duly rewarded with every considered choice you make.

Sweet dreams … 

On my wishlist…sweet dreams

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