Travel Notes | Ode to Paris

Fleetingly we arrive in Paris, our schedule is busy but it is difficult not to be delighted just to be here. We are blessed with beautiful weather and the Parisians are so happy that summer has arrived in time for the Paris Plages – where the banks of the Seine are dressed with sand….

We literally step off the plane, make our way to our apartment & refresh before we meet for lunch at a typical Parisian bistro, with the talented Mathieu & Sandrine ~ who are the creative force behind the  whimsical French bird lights  – & we have the chance to visit the atelier where they are created & made in France! We also visit a couple of other ateliers & the best ‘quincaillerie’  in town  where for generations pieces have been made locally and by hand, it is so wonderful to see that not everything is outsourced to China these days…(more pics to come in a later post).

Day 2 we wake early with many markets on our schedule but first we have to extract our car from one of the tightest Paris parks ever!  Yes that’s our hire car on the right….

i fell in love with this beautiful Louis Vuitton leather suitcase but sadly  it was a little out of my budget…

By 1 pm the markets are all winding down,  time to eat…My mum just happens to be here in Paris at the same time ~ so we meet for a lovely lunch in the sun at Les philosophies in the Marais & a late dinner at the Le Bar Passage (an informal but chic alternative to Alain Senderens’ flagship table) – we  swap stories before she heads home and we start working (seriously!).

A favourite spot of ours to watch Parisian life go by…

Afternoons, evenings or brunches can be spent here happily watching the street life or just pretending that you live in Paris for a moment…

Elements i love… will be closed this Sunday July 29th –


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