Antiques in the workshop…

After a few weeks of buying in France & Belgium – it is very grounding to return to the workshop! Although sometimes i think the name workshop does not do justice to this creative space…perhaps atelier or studio? Whatever the name, it is here that our ideas take shape, it is a hard-working space where we put the finishing touches to our antiques. We sand, wax, buff & polish, choose hardware & detail each piece before they make their way to our store in Surry Hills or find a spot on the floor at our warehouse in Leichhardt.

After many years of practice i feel we have perfected the art of how to get the the best results out of each & every piece. Sometimes things change during the process, like this rustic bakers table which we had initially planned to put a marble top on – the old timbers surprised us & we ended up with this charming piece perfect for your open plan kitchen, restaurant space or…?

The real thing, a very original kitchen/bakers table, great size, colour and patina, now at the warehouse…
Workshop creations..hook boards from found architectural pieces.
Worn white & blue enamel French antique urns, stunning pair…at the warehouse
Very pretty petite French bakers table
Workshop creations II – vintage timbers live on as cheese boards, bread boards, tapas and …
The end result…
Lovely set of French hanging scales

& … 

to lift your spirits on a winters day, visit My Paradissi
beautiful blog from sunny Greece…
Where would you go to escape?


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