Spring, colour & Indian inspiration…

Shining a little spring light on our beautiful pieces from India as we start to plan our next buying trip to this great sub-continent. The feature of our Spring window is this original teak swing seat –  perfect for wiling away afternoons.  Fresh flowers are sitting pretty in a collection of hand coloured pots made in Italy that we sourced in France.

Spring window with Indian inspiration…
elementsilove.com sydney
Belgian design – Italian made using natural pigments.
M04..INdian swing with decorative chain
Original teak swing seat from Rajasthan
Vintage French ladder ~ we added some beautiful wooden shelves

We love going to India, the colours & the people are so vibrant…the days can be a little crazy & unpredictable but we always come home with some real treasures!


In contrast to our buying trips to France – where the days are also long but there is a familiarity and a sense of order & beauty that just doesn’t exist in India…

french buying 2010 (47)

photo 5 (1)
Original French jardinieres of all sizes
French metal trough - great decorating piece (646x800)
French metal trough – great decorating piece

However, on all buying trips you need time, and a very good set of eyes focused on finding the gems amongst acres of junk and often poorly made pieces. For us its all part of the journey and we love the challenge of bringing home the booty!

french buying

     Speaking of colours, I’m loving my new little Lumix GF3 , it’s so compact and great colour rendition, I am looking forward to capturing the life and colour on the road in India.

elements i love, travel, antiques, india
The colours of India…just like the markets in France!

Up, up and away.

Colours & clouds, up in the air…
If you are lucky, the colours can be awe inspiring up in the sky…have a great week!


    1. just book the tickets and take him along for the ride…we are on our way home now, its still a fascinating place!

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