Cute set of French skittles
It can be fun buying  antiques, especially in France where there are many eccentric and quirky dealers living the dream all over the country side!  We see lots of  things that we love and many things that we don’t… & then there are other ‘interesting’ finds that bring a smile to my face but i have to think – who would buy that??

Early French wrought iron balcony panel, coming soon
Love this set of oyster plates…also on board
We visited our favourite haunt in Paris, a hardware shop that was founded in the 1930’s, stocked to the rafters with knobs in every colour & style imaginable, hinges, door pulls, studs, screws etc 
& there propped up amongst the boxes like a piece of theatre is the famous kiss photo by Robert Doisneau,   click here  for the story behind the image…
Its only a few weeks until our French shipment docks – in the meantime this lovely little hand-made set of 14 drawers has just arrived at Elements i love… quite possibly made for a hardware store to house screws & tiny little nuts a long time ago.
Elements i love…  is now on Facebook & Instagram see links below …if you like us or make a comment you will be in the running for our French shipment give away – a roll of  Scrapwood wallpaper RRP $330.  And thank you Natalie Walton for featuring us (well me really:) on her fab blog Daily Imprint

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