Its  been pretty busy here of late… the good news is our French collection is coming together and not a minute too late! (We will be closed the 27th & 28th November setting up)  We had a lot of fun buying this trip and we think it shows – there is a great mix of furniture, decorative, retro and what we call ‘brocante’, fun pieces like the pastis bottles.  
 And because Christmas was looming we added a small selection of hand picked Christmas decorations from Belgium &   some beautiful ‘nouvelle’  things that you might like to give to family or friends, or just take home for yourself…   see our newly created page Nouvelle Elements…(we love)
a few xmas decos…
Lovely French club chair & more…
Very groovy pair of metal sprung armchairs, tres comfortable..
Timeless French textile boxes from the north
Good set of 6 -ORIGINAL tolix chairs..
French leather boots & lasts

Officially in store from December 1st but if you are keen pop in on Thursday or Friday – we will still be working on it and the doors will be open!

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