Indian Shipment in store…

Finally our Indian shipment is in store…here are a few quick pics for inspiration – its hard not to love India, the crumbling architecture, the chaos and colour, the smells, “the best worst” – its a fun collection, a mix of Anglo-Indian elements and some more traditional finds too.
Maybe the White Horse Hotel on Crown St, Surry Hills is looking for something a little vintage for the bar…?


For this shipment, we have gathered a slightly more eclectic collection of candle sticks, many are from recycled legs or vintage wooden cotton bobbins…

indian blog (7)

i love that the colours of these fine porcelain votives from Belgium sit happily alongside our Indian finds…


Sign up for the blog, instagram or Facebook for all the news….(vintage enamel signs just arrived)

blog-news (7)

 a beautiful set of doors I photographed down a dusty side street….


For those of you who deliberate whether to go to India or not, don’t think about it too hard – just go even if it only once – it will change the way you see the world 🙂

elements i love, travel, sourcing
See Udaipur from the water



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