Sambhali Trust – Part I

One of the great joys of our job is the travel, and in particular to incredible India.  It is here, like so many other traveler’s – that we see the best & worst of humanity, side by side, each and every day & often in very confronting ways.
We have been looking for some time now for a way to help the least fortunate in this amazing country & we have settled on the SAMBHALI TRUST.  This grass roots NGO in the heart of India seeks to empower, educate & protect some of the most vulnerable Indian women and children.

Help empower & educate Indian women & girls...

sambhali trust

We spent a day with many of the girls & founder Govind Sing Rathore, on our last trip to India – and were inspired by the work of the trust, the women themselves and the role it has in changing the circumstances of a future generation of young girls from very underprivileged families in the heart of Rajasthan. 
 Elements I Love… contributes a proportion of all sales of Indian pieces to the trust account. Each piece in store will have a distinctive pink & gold tag attached to it, indicating the amount your purchase will contribute to this wonderful cause. At  Elements I Love… we have kick started this commitment with an initial donation of $1000 – this is enough to support one young girl for a whole year covering the costs of health care, education, accommodation &  food!
1363253086511_edit0Tim showing the girls the finer points of surfing on his i phone – they were enthralled! 

Enroute from school, part of the scholarship programme

The organisation has many branches as it tries to assist the most needy girls but also the ones who have the strength and aspiration to be part of the change that makes a new generation. The three girls here are attending a local private school, which the Sambhali Trust pays for as well as a small mini bus to take the girls to and from the school – it is not safe for them to walk the streets at their age without a male person as they are not married.

Sheernie Boarding HOuse

And this happy and mischievous looking group of girls are from the boarding house – the Trust has been integral along with a lot of support from some local families to create and provide a safe environment for these girls to live, be cared for and go to school each day. The boarding house also has a program where self funded volunteers come & live in India and help the girls with homework, their daily lives as well as teaching them a range of other skills.

maneeshasambhali trust 0019 (600x450)sambhali trust 0034 (600x450) sambhali trust 0043 (450x600)

sambhali trust 0046

sambhali trust 0064 (450x600)

sambhali trust 0069

  At Elements i love… we are excited to be offering our support to the Sambhali Trust and look forward to following the girls and the challenges that they face along the way. Thanks to those of you who have already bought a piece from our last shipment & encouraged us with your kind words of support.

 If you would like to learn more, talk to us in store or visit Sambhali Trust or more info. 

Sambhali logo elements i love


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