french antiques road trip…

It was a crazy few days before we left ~ thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate our first year in Surry Hills!

We always have a pretty packed schedule & this trip is no different, everyday we are up and running…I think we should really be a little more French in our approach, a long lunch with a glass of something regardless of place, time or weather (and it has not been great!)

P1120474_edit0elements i love, antiques, france

So far so good – some nice french chairs and some great architectural pieces  

elements i love, antiques, french elements i love, antiques, france, road trip

elements i love, antiques, road trip, franceelements i love, france, antiques, road trip


Despite the grey days, the country side is sprinkled with poppies, and peonies are in every vase or urn, climbing and full roses cling to the sides of limestone walls and are flowering randomly in gardens of all shapes and sizes! For more pics follow our trip on instagram 🙂

elements i love, antiques, france, road trip 

Paris, always lovely to see you…

elements i love, france, buying trip,

One comment

  1. Very sorry I didn’t get to see you to say ‘Happy Birthday’ … one year in Surry Hills – amazing! Love the photos of Paris and surrounds – so nice to live vicariously when ensconced in work, writing and a rainy, cold Sydney winter.Have fun and will be over to see the ‘fruits of your travels’ soon!

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