A vintage summer…


Summer is here &  the recent Christmas/New Year holiday seems to be the one & only time when we all actually slow down, switch off and unwind ~

www.elementsilove.com (5)
the perfect ‘slouchy’ bag for summer days…
everyone i know and even those who i don’t ( random chats in the store) have lamented how crazy their year was…how did we become like this, some folks pointed to their iphone??

Should we spend more time at home, just being ~ sitting in a well loved leather chair reading a book or two… don’t underestimate how much pleasure a well-crafted, textured table, chair or vintage element will bring to your life , every day.

 steer clear of   ‘disposable’ furniture & the desire to finish, fill it and move on. Beautiful objects & furniture just keep giving…

Create a cluster of pots, old & new…

soak up the afternoon sun, potter in the garden, find a nook for a little vignette of  plants ~ new & vintage pots in all sizes work well together

If you happening to be heading to the markets, the beach or some of the outdoor events at the Sydney Festival – make sure you pick up one of the best carry all totes in town here modelled by Karoliina. It is part of a growing range of Elements i love… limited edition pieces, add one of our indigo scarves/throw & long set of ‘snow white’ glass beads and your set, day or night.

Simply French custom market bag                  P1180694 (900x900)

Of course  I too am guilty of never stopping, which is hard when you have lot of creative energy but maybe this year will different!   One of the little projects that we have quietly been working on and is finally available in store  (& hopefully online soonish!)  is a French inspired collection of soft furnishings with a neutral colour palette.  There are other pieces to come but I am going to go with the flow so i will let you know when they arrive…

For now we have good stock of gorgeous  linen drops in white & natural with navy stitched edge, two toned linen cushions – natural & charcoal – as well as tableware & napkins, see pics below, for more information please call the store as we  work towards getting more details on the web..
For now i hope you enjoy your January & beyond, remember to keep it simple and I will too, that means not texting and talking on the phone 24/7, taking time out to breath & enjoy your 2014 as its the only one we have…
www.elementsilove.com (4)
get out on the harbour even if its only on a ferry…

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  1. Such a lovely set of photos Brooke – thank you – I really like the fact that you have drawn attention to resisting the iPhone 24/7 – see so many people ‘head down’ …. I think it’s important to ‘not always be on’. Love the curtains and the interesting pots and our harbour … even a ferry trip – bliss! Happy 2014 to you and the team!

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