Welcome to the Apple Isle ~ head south to the Huon Valley to visit the orchards…elements i love, travel, australia

or stay with us in Hobart, we have been blessed with sunshine.  This weekend away is a rare treat, just to be able to travel without a focus on finding antiques & spend time with friends and family, taking in the scenery as i go along – i feel like a real tourist..!elements i love, travel, australia

Classical Georgian buildings, quaint streets and blue skies made our visit to the oldest and most historic area in Hobart a delightful experience. If you love architecture and history walking the streets of Battery Point is an essential part of your visit here – its easy to meander from Salamanca Place up the Kelly Steps, constructed around 1830 and spend an hour to two discovering the area. {click here For more info re walks}elements i love, travels, australia
Lots of Earthy, fresh food  at the farmers markets & Salamanca Place and thanks to insider knowledge from my friend, Carmen, we enjoyed great coffee & a late lunch at Pigeon Hole in Hobart.

www.elementsilove.com  P1210510

On a cruisy drive down south we stopped at Cygnet and had the yummiest but biggest lunch at the Lotus Eaters cafe … (with eyes bigger than our bellies we had to take desert home which we had reserved  upon arrival!)  elements i love, travel, hobart
& i found a old fisherman’s shack to hide away from the world in…elements i love, travel, tasmania

i confess, a little wood pile envy, neatly stacked at my friends place…ready for a cold winter.
Again the weather was perfect for our day trip to Mona – a great experience for young & old and one that every Tasmanian we met was happy to talk about.!  The rugged natural beauty & the large steel buildings that house this unique collection prove that classical architecture has some strong competition for integrity as the exterior rusts & weathers into the landscape – an inspiring place.. to find out more click here – the museum of old & new art – 




It was hard not to be just a little envious of what appears to be the good life ! Our friends have lived in Tasmania for a long time now and have tried other locations around the country but they are here to stay … there is no place quite like it.
Yes, she is a collector too..
For shopping,  we loved the beautifully curated shop in Salamanca called The Maker & found some great vintage finds at Hello Gorgeous!P1210485
Happy Easter, love a long weekend…

Hoping everyone has a chance to enjoy the Easter break – we will be closed at the warehouse all weekend and Elements i love… in Surry Hills will only be open on Saturday 10-5pm  🙂

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  1. Beautiful photos Brooke – feel like I have escaped just by looking at them. Thank you – love Tassie and the Mona is genius. Happy Easter to you too

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