its all in the detail…

If you have just discovered Elements i love… hello & welcome !    To all of you who have been with us for a longer time (thank you)  & followed our journey from the Warehouse to the Surry Hills store you will be delighted to know that we are in the final stages of putting together a new website that combines both ‘the warehouse & the store’ ~ making it much easier to navigate, find items on our site and hopefully with all of the details you need!

 Over the last few months we have spent many an hour – photographing, editing, sizing, and generally just working towards a complete a catalogue of our stock, both old and new.  It is a huge task & though its a long way from  finished we feel its best to get it up & running, & we will iron out  the inevitable glitches, adding to the inventory as we go….

 Reflecting on this process it has been to great  ‘see’ the pieces in detail and emphasize the qualities that make each  piece unique.  Here are a few images of antique items that recently had a spell in the workshop, up close they reveal what an essential element the hardware & the paintwork are to the look and feel of every piece…

Indian trunk-S009i6
Hand-painted decoration, original hardware and a beautiful blue – define this Indian trunk
French Salon Doors -48f4
Original hardware & old paintwork are an important factor when buying antique doors
Brown packing trunk-B27f7
Lovely condition, colour & hardware of a vintage travelling trunk
Entry Doors detail
The hand of Fatima – a widely used symbol in Europe for door knockers
Parisian Front Doors-at the warehouse
Parisian Front doors-beautiful original hardware that is still being reproduced today
Detail from French doors -BA French doors
Love this style of hardware for French doors – widely known as a cremone in France

 It is worth looking out for these details when purchasing antique pieces, whether it is furniture or an architectural element – something as simple as the right hardware, can really alter the look of a piece, and sometimes it is this difference that will be the deciding factor to making it yours…  

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