For lovers of all things French …

I thought Bastille Day was as good day as any to tell you about a little trip to Paris happening next weekend!   I have visited Paris in all seasons, and I have to admit I don’t have a favourite time of year because for me, and i know most people would agree – ‘Paris is always a good idea’ ♥


However, visiting in the midst of Summer is pretty fabulous. I have been lucky enough to be chosen to join a group of 10 ladies from around the globe as part of a social media get together – the criteria was simply to have a love of Paris, to be engaged & sharing it all with you through blogging, instagram etc…most of all we are keen to explore the value of it in an open and honest way – I’m in!

Norma from My Beautiful Paris & Carina Okula an established photographer based in Paris have put together an amazing itinerary – 3 days & 3  nights of unique experiences that we will be sharing with you, along with a few flea market diversions and some of my other favourite haunts in Paris.

This kind of luxury i could get used to...Le Meurice
The perfectly placed Le Meurice, enface du Jardin Des Tuileries

It will be great opportunity to talk to expats in Paris who have set up businesses or are living in Paris, (ulterior motive non!) like the girls from the Daily Method whilst we work off our daily patisserie intake…

shopfront marais
Daily bread?

As antiques dealer one tends to spend a lot of time in workshops & ateliers of all kinds so a visit to the house of Moynat and a look behind the scenes will be a highlight ! 


If you love Paris, and all things French…& want to see more, join me on instagram & pinterest & follow the blog for the next update !

 French Winter - Marais (1000x679)

paris is always a good idea audrey hepburn (sabrina) 1954 USA


  1. Brooke, I am a friend of Claudia’s and am enjoying hearing more and more about your group’s incredible journey. You are all fascinating woman and truly an inspiration!

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