Namaste friends, greetings from India!

rose offerings,these smelt amazing..
Rose offerings – these actually smelt like roses…

I foolishly thought that in the time between coming back from France and going to India we would launch our e-commerce site ! Alas it was not to be.  It’s true a lot of the work has been done and we are very, very close but between one thing and another it just didn’t happen…(i know everyone who has done a new website in recent times would relate to this 🙂

india-elements i love
Architectural elements for those of you wanting to build around something beautiful!

I truly wish i had a little more patience about such things but luckily my partner in life & in business does – he sees the world differently. For both of us travel is a great love, and a fabulous distraction from the frustrations and the often relentless pressures of being in business so the timing for this trip to India was pretty perfect.

10467984_355444914619967_116322821_n 10643980_387834378032239_193071229_n 10693738_696086010485361_100236292_n  india-elementsilove travels

It takes time to pull all the elements of a buying trip together, whether it is France or India the schedule can be hectic – but some things are worth making time for. We wanted to visit the girls that we sponsor at the Sambhali Trust and it was a real thrill to see them looking so well & happy since first meeting them all in 2012…a credit to the founders, workers & volunteers of this grass roots NGO. (cant wait to share more details and will add a page to the blog once the new website is live)

sambhali girlsElements i love, supports Sambhali Trust

If you have just discovered Elements i love… its good to know that simply by purchasing Indian furniture and other elements from these shipments you are contributing to the Sambhali Trust too 🙂

*For more pics on the road check out instagram 

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