At a glance…the blog

Hello ~ can you believe it is May already!   Its been a long time coming but i am so delighted to have recently made some long overdue changes to the blog, The juggle of finding the time within the ‘working’ week to write and create posts around my archive of photos, notes, kept mementos of buying trips, travel, collaborations and other discoveries will be a delicate balance . But with so many ideas and behind the scenes stories hopefully they will write themselves!

It goes with out saying there will be antiques & flea markets elements i love, fleamarkets art (2) (1086x1200)Fleamarkets Paris (3)

And as a rather obsessive recorder of the moment I have an abundance of travel pics to choose from, so i am collating the travel stories together.  After many years spent on the road sourcing antiques & salvage with our daughter often in tow taking her own snaps we have quite a collection of places & people.. (the only problem with this is filing!)Elementsilovetravels

I also want to explore the interiors side of the blog, my love of creating unique spaces has evolved over time as I have been lucky to work with creative folk. As a passionate collector of the found object, the joy of seeing our clients feel the need to take these pieces home and make it part of their interior story (instead of flat pack furniture) can really make my week!Elements i love, interiors (1000x1000) Elements, interiors, antiques

And of course i will want you to be the first to know about treasures that arrive in-store. Our online store is updated regularly, lots of decorative possibilities, like these metal panels & iron keys are now online ..
pressed metal panels
..and this sweet collection of vintage lassi cups has just arrived, each one unique ~  
just in case you forgot…its Mothers Day next Sunday, 10th May !
Wishing all those with children in tow a restful Sunday)mothersday1
We have lots planned for the coming year and I look forward to finding a little more time to write about all the goings on, and would love to hear your thoughts too!  x Brooke

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