Weekends at home…

a little inspiration for your weekend…
P1320639fresh not faux – flowers, herbs and fruit, make them part of your table
antiques, sydney, elements i love, coffee tableuntidy blossoms, colourful poppies are favourites for home & the shop..
P1370211 (1500x1500)
silvergilt mirrors & blossomcreate a story around a piece that you have in your homeelements i love, sydney, antiques, indian marriage cabinettake the time to clear the clutter
Teak School Desk, elements i love, sydney
If like me you often work on Saturdays or are ferrying children to sport etc, Sundays are for doing what you love and having no committments…  These past few weeks i have joined in on the Still Sunday competition on instagram care of Kim Klassen  ~ a delightful distraction from all the other chores that can intrude on my time 🙂still life sundays, brooke crowle

i hope you enjoy your weekend at home where ever that may be… brooke xantiques, elements i love, sydney

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