Travel Notes-India | a colourful ride


Our recent visit to India went something like this...

mother india w border

For me, India seems to seep into my skin and has a way of quietly putting my life into perspective. It makes my western worlds pressures pale to triviality as so many folk here struggle to survive on a daily basis, despite this they seem to do it with an attitude that makes me admire their calmness and genuine warmth. Sure there are moments and people we meet in our travels to this melting pot who contradict this feeling, but over the years its been a small number.

It has often been remarked that India polarizes first time visitors and I still remember when i was here in my twenties, that travellers who had come down from Nepal said that they couldn’t wait to leave ~ {love or hate it} i am definitely the former.  

I was lucky enough to take ownership of a new lense before we left & love trying to capture the days, from beautiful & quietly determined Indian women to tuk-tuk rides, horse rides, rickshaws and market visits…and of course i have a whole separate folder of stock photos (next post!)

India-Soonda elements i love
she said, take my photo
elements i love, travels, india
Beautiful sisters…
India-Mr singh elements i love
One of the characters we met along the way, so charming and engaging and quite a story teller..
INdia - tuk tuk elements i love
Feels like another time and place, on the road in a tuk-tuk, jodphur

Tasty and hot samosas come out of this mans kitchen, he smiled sweetly and took a few more rupees from us than the locals but whats 50 cents here or there ...

india 2015 (3)india 2015 (2)

india, elements i love, travel
A Sadhu (holy man) on the move, often living a life that is a perpetual pilgrimage.

chai time india (2)chai time india (1)

India, icy poles ready to goDrinking & eating in India always needs to be considered!  Even when the temperature reached 40 degrees and the locally made icy poles & fresh juices were tempting we cant go past a good hot chai ~ this is the real taste of India ~ bubbling away in markets and still found offered in clay cups on railways though sadly plastic is overtaking this causing a never ending problem here…
If you feel like brewing a pot at home try Chai Mamma

P1390342india colour


Aged old rickshaws carry local kids home from school, they are as interested in us as we are in them…

There are so many other stories and images to share from this trip along with the great finds we have collected for our next shipment but for now i will leave you with a final ride, the horse and carriage, still used daily as a mode of transport in regional parts of India!P1390111 (1000x1000)

Click here to see some of our lovely Indian pieces instore or about to arrive !

Namaste, Brooke 🙂

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  1. I’d love to go to India. My Dad went when I was younger for work and ended up giving his work boots to one of the guys he met out there. He also said it put his own life into perspective!

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