Long Weekend Love

Long weekend, south coast. {hashtag #friendswithbenefits #blessed #worklife} said with a wry smile.

elements i love, weekends away, blog
Arrival … survey the weather & change accordingly 
Beach weekend means prawn rolls for lunch…
elements i love, blog, sydney, beaches
Looks like beach weather to me, thats where i am swimming, whose coming with me?
elements i love, blog, travel
Sunset, my favourite time of day … love that light and the hazy seamist                                                                                                            
elements i love, blog, life
Weekend with friends checklist * flowers * yummy food & a little alot of * wine 
elements i love, 7 vignettes
a little sunday afternoon vignetting ~ thanks to  Jen Bishop this is a slightly addicitive pastime…but way more fun when on holidays! 
elements i love, weekends away
another perfect day, especially for drying, not a bad view from this makeshift clothes line..
elements i love, blog,
when the sky turns pink…i want to be right there.
elements i love, blog,
and when pink turns to black, the weekend blurs into the working week… I hope you had a great one too x Brooke

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