Waxing Workshop Wrap Up

With our very 1st ‘Waxing & Wine-ing Workshop filled in no time at all.. it seemed the ever-popular tapas boards were the perfect element to create a workshop around.   Here was something that everyone would be happy to work on & to take home.

  In the showroom we loaded up two big old antiques tables with bowls of wax, true workshop essentials such as sandpaper, steel wool, gloves & collection of small antique pieces to practice on.
The scene was set for a fun afternoon.
 elements i love, antiques, workshops, props

antiques, workshop, elements i love
Jodi tending the Salon & chilling the champagne..

In the ‘spirit’ of a Waxing & Wine-ing workshop we began with a glass or two of bubbles and some delicious goodies from Simmone Logue – then it was time to put these ladies to work..

elements i love, workshops, antiques
elements i love, workshopOnce we got down to work, there was no stopping this enthusiastic group, Sarah and I had to even hold them back at one stage from surging ahead! We sanded, we shellacked and finally got to the waxing stage all the while offering hands on advice and a few secret tips & tricks we had from our many years spent restoring antiques.


Like most get togethers (of predominately women), there was quite a lot of chatter … but mostly about waxing 🙂elements i love, antiquesWe loved being able to share some of our know-how and look forward to keeping in touch, and hope to hear about some successful projects that have been tackled at home !


If you would like to participate or arrange a Waxing & Wine-ing Workshop in the future – please get in touch, we would love to hear from you !
Ciao for now, Brooke, Sarah & Jodi

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