Old & new, garden & antiques…

Wow that was a hot day yesterday, the summer months can make the days in the restoration workshop just a little more challenging for us…and don’t our flowers feel it too!elements i love, new productsI do love having potted colour at the warehouse (but i have to remember to water them) ~  new pots are always instore though not always on line.. find other  new products  for the garden elements i love, pots, garden  As the days in november slip quickly by, are you starting to feel a sense of panic or a sigh of relief with the thought of holidays not too far away?  The tell tale signs of the jacarandas & bougainvilleas in full bloom quitely say ‘you know Xmas  is coming..

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However there are those end of year pressures…lots of good (teachers/helpers) people to think about, gifts to buy, (& make?) friends and work get togethers along with all the other xmas incidental stuff!elements i love, christmas, presentsAt the warehouse some christmas sparkle has been sprinkled about as we put together a wish-list of pressies that you may not have thought of, some unique pieces & truly collectable items as well popular Xmas trinkets like decorations, pretty lights, candles & some baubles we found in India…
{a christmas page will be added to the online store next week}elements i love, french antiques, vintage  As we lead into summer and the holiday period ~ tidying up and organising the home for Christmas becomes a priority …instore you will find a collection of wooden pots, metal boxes, and other rustic vessels that make displaying/storing things you love a decorative element.
elements i love, vintage, antiques, wooden vesselMaybe you are lucky enough to have just renovated or moved into a new home and it is your first christmas, and your first summer.  Are you on the lookout for ‘just the right piece’ ?? We have lots of those in store and are adding more to our online store weekly….like this unique  Frieze-work coffee table.

elements i love, antiques

Stay tuned for my next post full to the brim with new arrivals & a Xmas page on the website to make life a little easier for those who like their online shopping!  
Love these earthy & rustic wood candlesticks, now back in stock…just in time for summer.

2015-11-21 11.05.08 (1000x1000)

Have a great weekend, Brooke (dont panic yet!)

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