Country Christmas

xmas 1 (1000x1000)we have arrived, the dirt road means home…xmas 2 (1) (668x1000)first things, finding foliage for our Christmas wreathxmas 2 (2) (1000x1000)

xmas 3 (2) (1000x1000)picking elderberry flowers to make a gin, elderflower & lime punch for Christmas Day (today!)
xmas 3 (1) (1000x1000)cooks in the kitchen, cherries pitted for indulgent Sherry & Cherry Trifle…Xmas 6 (2) (1000x1000)my mothers still warm sour dough ~ we had to have a piece even though it is 10pm at night and we have just had dinner!
xmas 5 (2) (1000x1000)cups of tea & fruit cake, a daily ritual…Xmas 6 (1) (1000x1000)& finally Christmas Eve arrives, over the years our family tradition has been gravlax, rye bread & other condiments…along with a glass of bubbles or twoxmas 5 (3) (1000x750)

Wishing you all a fabulous Christmas Day! 

xmas7 (2) (1000x1000)

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