Read, write, beach, sleep…repeat

P1430076As i try to tip the work/life balance more in favour of life, antique tales on the blog become less & less! Right here, right now we are happily ensconced in the world of summer holidays – though today the sunshine doth not shine.elements i love, photography

elements i love, travel
Heavy rains turned the paddocks into rivers!
i don’t know if you have been following me on Instagram but as a lover of capturing moments, this visual diary is a daily addiction, personal snippets weave in & out of the feed along with out latest finds when we are in work mode or on a buying trip…
elements i love, antiques
Lots to photograph at the farm ‘Collected Silver” styled by me {my mother thinks I am OCD}
elements i love, antiqueing
This is as close as we get to work, helping clear & sell out the shed at the local carboot sale

Cant quite believe here we are in 2016 ! I have never been a great believer in resolutions and goal setting – i am more of a list maker + note taker, i love pen and paper for making things happen. On my list this year, is to be more creative in the workshop, read more & blog/write with an open heart but above all spend more times with friends & family …

elements i love, blogging
Books devoured over Xmas, & cooking inspiration from Ottolenghi for dinners with friends in 2016… Loved Hope Farm & Richard Glovers, Flesh Wounds.

These few weeks spent out of Sydney are such a great chance to recharge or to quote Joanna Logue ‘fill the well’  before the tasks of have-to’s grows ~ a new shipment to get on-line, niche interior projects to complete and a Waxing & Wine-ing Workshop in February are just the start…

Essington Hillside, art, oil on board
I am a fan & a friend, ethereal Joanna Logue  

As we enter our final week of holidays, its starting to feel like an out-of-body experience, losing track of time, baking every day, eating indulgently & deliciously and all the while washed down with home-made cocktails! So cheers to the New Year, may two-thousand & sixteen be a good year for all! 

elements i love, in the kitchen
Find the recipe for this Strawberry & Rosemary Cocktail made with Sloe-Gin in Donna Hay

What plans have you got for 2016, perhaps you are making big changes this year? We return to normal next week when we swing open the doors to the warehouse on January 12th at 10am, see you then!  xo Brooke

PS. you can always visit us online for here ♥ Elements i love



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