Antiques, interiors & summer

That holiday feeling has slowly melted under the heat in the past week, I can feel February creeping up on me and that means, seriously get back to work, stop faffing…
elements i love, antiques, sydneyOn one of the hottest days we had slotted in a photoshoot of some new pieces that had arrived ~ this is quickly becoming a very important part of my job description & our business. Believe me it has the potential to be a fun + creative day if the temperature is not hovering around 38-40 degrees! elements i love, antiques, sideboard small Gathering together props to use in the shoots from our secret stash and having a lovely collection of homewares inhouse makes creating beautiful arrangements & vignettes a joie de vivre ..
elements i love, sydney, antiques, propsTo this end we working on a ‘Props for Hire’ page on the website as well as highlighting some of the more creative services we get involved in, including photoshoots, event launches, interior consulting and our workshops {next one is February 13th} More info coming but if you have something where you are in need of creative input drop us an email….!

Here are some pieces that have gone on line recently…against my favourite grey wall.elements i love, antiques, sydney

elements i love, sydney, antiques, gates

elements i love, antiques, bookcase

elements i love, antiques, sideboard

Yes we are open & ready for 2016 ~  But we are going to enjoy the long weekends, and a slightly shorter Saturday !
Tuesday – Fridays 10am – 5pm  & our new trading times for Saturday…10am – 4pm.
• NB.Please note we are closed for Australia Day Tuesday 26th •

Have a great Long weekend ~ make the most of it.  xo Brookeelements i love, antiques, sydney


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