Antiques & a few words on restoration…

Its probably no surprise that the interiors i love always have at least one or two antique pieces …whether they are hand-me downs, heirlooms or just lucky finds by the roadside they give homes heart, texture and usually much needed character.

 4799a735e69be330d29bd9e5c3682648  authentic Interiors, elements i love,

But once you have them home do know how to look after them… perhaps you have bought something recently that you are not sure what to clean, wax or polish it with ?elements i love, chest of drawers

After our 1st successful Waxing & Wine-ing Workshop in late 2015 & all the great feedback, it was surprising even for us to reflect on all the different processes and skills we use on a daily basis in the workshop. There are so many stages to restoration, and it is dependant on each individual piece ~ like all artisan industries, accumulated knowledge built up over a long period of time is the only way to become proficient.

elements i love, antiques{A few stages of restoration; stripping, sanding, detailing, sealing & finally waxing…}

antiques, sydney

Nothing escapes our attention in the workshop,  whether it is an old polish or worn painted piece we love to see the depth, colour and patina come out in each piece. 
Industrial antiques, elements i love. sydney

Sarah & I hope to share enough knowledge in a 2 hour session to give you some skills that you can use at home on pieces of your own. In the time frame you will use both wax and shellac and work on your own tapas board as well as some antique pieces that we have put aside for you to cut your teeth on!elements i love, sydney, antiques

If you are keen to join us for this fun but informative session we still have a few spots left for this Saturday, 13th February -2-4pm  just click here and enrol online 🙂antiques, sydney, shop fitting, elements i love

Look forward to seeing you!  Brooke


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