My Weekend In Sydney

Normally at this time of year we would have packed the car and headed North or South…elements i love, antiques, online, sydneyBut with Easter being in March a tad early this year, a long weekend in our home town seemed like a good idea. I have worked some late nights getting lots of new stock on line so I could enjoy a digital detox (no website work for me this weekend) !

With the forecast looking mostly sunny in Sydney this weekend it’s hard to know where to start..but an excursion might be on the cards. There are ways of feeling like a tourist in your home town. I love a good scenic walk, when we travel, we walk a lot, but once home we revert to the car – so why not explore. If you need some inspiration try here otherwise head to Watson’s Bay and stare out at the deep blue sea and then choose from a myriad of fun and freshly designed spaces at the Watson’s Bay Hotel for a cool beverage or two – its kid friendly too.  There always seem to be having some kind of event here, no doubt there will be an Easter egg hunt on the weekend…

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Watson’s Bay Hotel, love the outdoor spaces & the view is not so bad…

 Who doesn’t love the walk from Bronte to Bondi (more exercise) ? Nothing better that to reward yourself with a dip in the ocean, you always feel great afterwards and it is such a Sydney experience…even better when followed by brunch, lunch or even early dinner. Here are a few options 🙂

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An old favourite here is of course Sean’s Panaroma – a pretty perfect place for a long, lazy lunch, it’s just become more nuanced as the years go by, a little like ourselves I like to think. If you are thinking more of kind of grab and go to the beach – Fishmongers do a fancy version of fish n chips to go (or eat in). Another spot that I return to, with kids or girlfriends in tow is the Bondi Tratt where you can sip a Hendriks in the late afternoon or have an early morning brekky and watch the world go by on Campbell Parade.  

elements i love, sydney, blog (3)
The view from Sean’s Panaroma… 

If you are in Sydney and the sun is out, a ferry trip has to be on the list…doesn’t really matter where you are going  – it’s all about the journey after all.elements i love. sydney, blogTake the ferry, west to Hunters Hill or into the city – or travel further North to Manly
or head East to Watson’s Bay…a little gem of a beach.elements i love, sydney, blog

When I was young my grandparents lived at Balmoral Beach and it still holds a sentimental place in my heart. My brother & I spent many holidays (from the country) playing in the rock pools & climbing over the island connected to the promenade via an old stone bridge. And here at Balmoral sits the iconic building that houses The Bathers Pavilion – originally changing facilities…commissioned in 1928 with a simple Moorish style including fretwork panels –  an unusual influence in Sydney in the 1920’s but a timeless piece of architecture today.Easter post sydney (1)

Living in Balmain means the city is an easy bus or ferry ride away, if it has been too long between trips to Paris or I want to catch up with my BFF – we head to Angel Place/ Ash Street. A drink at the bar followed by steak & frites at the charming Felix Bistro never disappoints.elements i love, blog. sydneyHere you will find a great fit out by Merivale, including wonderful mosaic floors, bentwood chairs, booths, the mandatory zinc lined bar and a mirrored wall with the ‘plat du jour’ specials along with a killer Kir Royal.elements i love, blog, sydney

Of course a long weekend at home would not be complete with out going to the markets and picking up the best in season, click here to see where your best growers market is….

Easter post sydney (4) (1000x1000)With my daughter being a keen baker and me trying to master the perfect pasta I feel Good Friday and Sunday afternoon might be spent in the kitchen.elements i love. blog, sydneyWhere ever you are, what ever you do…whether you traditionally visit the Easter show or Sunday morning mass or have your own crazy Easter egg hunt (we do) ! Enjoy the extra down time, go technology free for a day and have a great Easter Weekend. X Brooke
Easter post sydney (5)We are closed from today Thursday 24th March 4pm and re-open Tuesday 29th at 10am.




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