My Weekend in Pictures

Weekends away, they used to be a rarity…but slowly this is changing & i like it 🙂elements i love, country, blog (3)As much as we love the city – my friends & I all agree our lives have just got busier & busier and the desire to escape is ever-present…elements i love, weekends, country

Time. Time to absorb the natural beauty, the stillness, the colour green in all its shades- walking, amongst the forest, the simplest of pleasures, taking photos because, well…..just because i want to…elements i love, country, blog (2)Our house, nestled amongst a garden bursting with flowers and fruit…
elements i love, blog, country (3)

it has taken me a while… but i have stopped rearranging the beautiful mess that my mother & step-father create naturally, the house positively overflowing with objét and interest in every corner. elements i love, weekends, country (2)Still-life and vignette heaven for me & my camera…elements i love. blog, countryI have been having a bit of pumpkin love-affair of late, admiring, cooking and photographing ~  i just love the shape of these home grown beauties...elements i love, blog, country

It’s just a short drive up the dirt track and on to the tar, we are close enough to town, the beach & a pretty sheltered harbour… elements i love, blog, country (4)

elements i love, blog (4)A few days in our sleepy hollow, down the far south coast, that still feels a little undiscovered, restores & refreshes… Hoping it stays that way for a few more years… ♥ Brooke

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