Paris with kids, Bon Weekend!

A picture paints a thousand words.  I wanted to share some of my favourite pics from our early days of buying and being on the road – Mother’s Day is the prefect day for a little quiet reflection. Miss M’s  first ever buying trip to France was when she was 4 years old!  Paris Doorway, elements i love, travel, blogWe started off with a few days in Paris, seeing the major museums. The forecourt at the Louvre is a great spot where kids can run amok and engage in this place called Paris. the louvre, blog, childrenA rooftop terrace with a cafe is always a good distraction mid way through a gallery..
Paris, musee d'orsay, blog
though she found the Musée des Arts Décoratifs  inside the Louvre was was a bit of a yawn…Paris, louvre, blog, childrenoh and the Musée Les Invalides the follwing afternoon didn’t take her fancy.Paris, blog, elements i loveLuckily she woke up to catch a spectacular view from the ferris wheel at the end of the Jardin des TuileriesParis Ferris Wheel& she was happy to pose on the steps of the Gare du Nord where the train would take us South.Paris Gare du Nord, travel, elements i love, blog

Our love affair with the Provence & the South of France (and her love of goats cheese) began right here…in ArlesArles, travel, provence, pool
Arles, hotel du forum staying on the square, we had a window to the world of Arles overlooking the town square.  The mesmerizing sound of chattering French voices drifted up and we fell asleep with scenes of street life in our head. Arles, hotel du forum, travel, france

At her first antique fair; she slept through the beauty and the boring bits… but over the years Miss M has retained fond memories.antiques, elements i love, travel

elements i love, france, travel, antiques

antiques, elements i love, france

A spectacular fall in the public square of Montpellier was perhaps her worst memory…Montpellier, elements i love, francefollowed by the best chocolate mousse she had ever eaten.
elements i love, travel, franceat the end of a busy few weeks, we took sometime out in Cannes…and caught a train to Italy to find Tuscany but that’s another story!elements i love, travel, children

Wishing mothers, grandmothers & great grand-mothers good memories & a bon weekend! ♥
x Brooke



  1. That’s gold…! Miss M will be suitably impressed, non?! Lovely taking a walk through memory lane…happy mums day to you too xxxx

    1. and you too! Would love to return to paddo but the hours aren’t right, such a shame, hope you are well. Brooke x

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