Flea Market Tips…

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Over the years I have spent quite a lot of time going to flea markets, and like all collectors and dealers there is an endless fascination of spotting something that no one else sees or loves on a table laden with pre-loved treasures, old & discarded trinkets and time worn wares. Tip No. 1 – Take time to get your ‘flea-market’ eyes on.

flea market, elements i love, blog

Like this delightful collection of ceramic ladies clad in 1920’s bathing costumes I found on a rather crowded table in the Port De Vanves markets in Paris – not at the crack of dawn but at quite a leisurely hour later in the morning!
Tip No.2 – Going early is often the key (but not always i have found some great pieces late in the day )
flea markets, blog, elements i love

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder – and this could not be truer of those that visit markets – both the stall holder and the hunter. Every stall has its own charm and character and if you go often enough you will find someone who happens to finds things you like – and it can become an expensive hobby or habit… Tip No. 3 – Be regular, get to know your market.
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Personally my goal is never bargain hunting at flea markets, I am really looking for beauty at a good price..it could be the colour, shape or the way something is made, it maybe useful or useless 🙂  If you see something that you love & its seems like a bit of steal, have a haggle and enjoy the fun of buying it. Tip No.4 – Be friendly when bargaining & have real money! 

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Sometimes in your travels you might come across a box of something quirky, (like these old French buttons) just buy buying one or two small pieces in each country/town you visit can be a sweet reminder of a particular trip, a place and a time – when you come home you could frame them or make a little still life collection on a mantel or window sill. Tip No. 5 – Get creative with everyday objects.
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Often when visiting clients at their homes I am asked what to do with pieces that they have been given, hand-me-downs/heirlooms that are sentimental but dont really have a place. If they really wish to keep these pieces I suggest that this could be a starting point for a collection; visit markets and look for similar pieces, whether it is silver, glass, ceramics or old books, by grouping things together they will create their own style and you will find yours… Tip No.6 – There are no rules in what to collect – create your own.
flea markets, elements i love, blog (2)Even when not working I still love a morning spent wandering through the markets, especially with a girlfriend in tow who has a different eye to mine – like Carmen who has an uncanny knack of finding fashion and objet which she then creates into a jewellery collection and seems to have an endless supply of vintage clothing to sell in Tassie. Tip No.7- Take a girlfriend, this way you will be able to buy whatever you want!     

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My most recent acquisition was last Sunday, which you might have seen on instagram – I wasn’t looking, just enjoying a stroll with a friend and this lovely little fold up travel clock caught my eye, I had no self-control, I just had to have it…so just keep looking you maybe surprised with what you find, I often am.elements i love, markets, blog

markets, blog, elements i love
Surprise at the Markets, South Coast style

Happy hunting, x Brooke
NB. We will be closed on the Saturday of the June Long Weekend – 10th June as well as Sunday & Monday as always  ♥



  1. Love your posts – One day I would like to be that girlfriend who accompanies you to a flea markets (or two) -in France preferably! Such a gorgeous little clock you spotted – totally understand your lack of self control! Happy hunting! XX

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