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Antique doors, revealed…

Hello friends, it seems that August has just slipped through my hands….
elements i love, antique doors, sydney

Whilst catching up on some editing & filing, i came across some photos of antique doors that we have sourced, shipped, restored & sold (parted with !). We often went onsite to detail them once they were installed – so thought i would share them with you, maybe just the inspiration you need if you are on the cusp of a renovation??
These beautiful carved doors now make quite the entrance to a boudoir…the blue paint work was preserved and the interior (above) sympathetically restored, then sealed with wax. 
antique doors, elements i love, sydney

If you are overwhelmed about how to use antique doors, its easy, just buy the ones you love and everything else will fall into place!  (know what size you need before you start looking or better still build around them) Solid French Salon doors can be incorporated in so many locations in an interior, like these ones below used in a bathroom. But they work just as well in hallways, bedrooms or I love to use them to create an opening from the old part of the house to the new or to close off a media/TV room.
Elements i love, antique doors, sydney

The humble shutter – in the palest French Baltic pine makes the prettiest cupboard doors – hide away laundries, pantries or wardrobes. They come in other timbers too or we love to find them with worn paintwork, so much character can be built in when you select salvaged architectural elements.Elements i love, french shutters, sydneyChinese screen doors can make a fabulous room divider, the lattice work lets in filtered light but also air so perfect when installed as doors to hide a laundry – this particular set had a very pretty floral pattern.elements i love, antique doors, sydney

There is always a strong demand for French wrought iron and timber entrance doors in all sizes and styles, usually installed as front doors but occasionally internally as hallway doors.

   And last but not least, handsome Indian columns can really make a statement or anchor other architectural features in a room. Like these fabulous cedar shutters from French doors, originally from Buenos Aires, such beautiful architectural antiques are getting harder to find…elements i love, sydney, interiors

so if you see something you love dont think too hard and too long about it – in both India & France sourcing just the right doors to put in our container is not easy. Don’t worry about how the builder will install it – where there is a will there is a way. You will be amazed at how much enjoyment comes from living with pieces like this…{hand carved Indian door set complete with jamb & carved Hindu goddess}elements i love, sydney, antique doors

To see more architectural antiques, take a look here or come in and see us, as not everything is online 🙂
See you in Springtime! x Brooke

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