Workshop Wrap Up ….

elements i love, workshops, sydney elements i love, workshops, sydney elements i love, workshops, sydney
elements i love, workshops, sydney

I can’t believe it has been a month since Pia hosted the Alchemy of Assemblage in the workshop! A truly fabulous group of women, full of inspiration and purpose –  came with  mementos, some a handful others came with a basketfull. With a workshop full of materials to choose from and tools on hand it felt like a whirlwind of creative energy blew through the workshop that afternoon!

Everyone created a piece that was so unique to them, it was amazing to see the boards unfold ~many thanks to our wonderful contributors for making the day such a rich experience of materials String Harvest & Tinctifolia . If you are feeling creative hop on line and visit these stores and if you need some sweet bites for the long weekend keep reading…elements i love, workshops, sydney

A taste of goodness from ms Simmone Logue‘s kitchen was on hand to keep the energy levels high along with a glass of bubbles or two…simmone logue at elements i love

elements i love, workshops, sydney

One of the things that everyone commented on was that they loved the space and the opportunity to create and use tools in a ‘workshop’ environment, and would feel more confident getting creative at home. It had a very communal feel with people helping others and sharing ideas and information around the table…

elements i love, workshops, sydney

 Pia and I are planning  a follow up workshop in the new year with a few tips gleaned from those who joined us…maybe we had a little too much choice on the table, the old adage of less is more!

With a long weekend just around the corner I hope you have some time to get creative and do something you love, keep in touch for our next workshop adventure! X Brooke
(NB we are closing at 3pm Saturday 1st November – Go Swannies!!!)
Closed Sunday & Monday as normal.

our beautiful workshop space
Post workshop frenzy…


  1. Love this post & the sound of your creative workshops / would love to join you …
    Anne McGravie-Wright

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