Hello friends, don’t you just love Sundays?  It’s my favourite day. When your life is scheduled around work and or children, something has to be sacred. Sundays are family days in France, with many shops being closed, I think the French have got it right.

elements i love, still life, poppies Sundays, especially Sunday afternoons are my time to stop and reflect and to be still…I have an overwhelming desire to lose an hour (or two) with my camera when the light turns from daylight to twilight…the freedom to play with no pressure or goal in mind.elements i love, still life, photography

It’s often the flowers that i bring home from the shop that determine the photos – like these soft pink roses. They were on their last legs but I couldn’t leave them to wither alone at the warehouse, closing late on a Saturday I took them home, wrapped in some brown paper in the back of the car. Once I got home and unpacked the car, schlepped all the stuff inside I unfolded the paper & laid them on the coffee table knowing the light would be just right… There is a quiet beauty to life in decay. elements i love, photography, still life

Seasonal & fresh, appearance matters when it comes to the markets – and the way produce looks is how I buy – succulent looking eggplants with shiny skin almost iridescent with that rich aubergine colour, or pears that have a heavenly shape. elements i love, photography, still life, elements i love, still life, photography

Both my parents love to grow things, be it beautiful gardens, exotic produce (finger limes) or just good simple vegetables. Every time my mother comes to Sydney she will have goodies from the farm on the far south coast, pumpkins, bush lemons & king proteas are often part of my still life photos.elements i love, still life, lemons

A visit to the local growers market on Saturday morning is where I make my choice, thinking that at some stage they will end up being photographed either in the shop or at home – ultimately we do end up eating or cooking up some newly found recipe. p1470560-1000x1000 p1470567-1000x1000

& the proof is in the pudding today as I had pears that were on the turn so a quick afternoon tea cake was called for, I found it here Not Quite Nigella  & added a handful of coconut to the mix and a sprinkle of brown sugar on the top – it was yummy. pears-lilac

For more still life inspiration take a look at the blog of Kim Klassen who runs online workshops and has a lovely feed on instagram ‘my still Sunday competition’ which I try and join in on most weekends. Hope you had a great Sunday today ! X Brooke


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