Antiques & Spring…

Spring is here and we have had a bit of a renewal in the workshop as we restore, revive and sometimes reinvent the pieces we find on our travels...elements-i-love-antiques-sydney-144

Working on some old finds and new finds, and keeping our website updated with our stock of antiques pieces along with our French bird lights is not always easy… The standard lamp is seen here with this chalky grey painted chest of drawers, they make a handsome couple 🙂chest of drawers, english, elements i love, sydney

Looking for something out of the ordinary, a statement piece at the end of a hallway or at the top of the stairs? This very original Indian ‘damchiya’ is ornately decorated,  also known as Indian hope chest – traditionally from Rajasthan and Gujarat and used to store the brides dowry, you could store your valuables in it too.

industrial lights

elements i love, french front door, Other one of a kind pieces are making their way to our online store so check in over the next few days … and i am posting smaller items on our newer instagram feed elementsiloveshop page with pricing etc. + if you are interested in other things i might be capturing join me on my original fee{elements_i_love}


 For those of you who live in Sydney you can always visit us here in person and see our beautiful pieces in the flesh!  We are open 10-4pm Tuesdays to Saturdays…see you soon. x Brooke

elements i love, french antiques, sydney
Moody, French, candlesticks ~ the gilt work has the most beautiful depth & colour…

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