Heading South…Country Scenes

Its hard not to feel frazzled at this time especially when temperatures reach the high 30’s like last week…thankfully the cooler weather these past few days and closing our doors at the warehouse have brought some relief!elements i love, blog, flowers, xmasYou can rely on nature to let you know Christmas is not too far away –  when the last of the jacaranda falls and the quintessential flowering gums start to blossom we are almost there…
elements i love, blog, flowers, xmasThough for us humans its not quite so pretty!  No matter how hard I try to pace work-life, social life and other have-to commitments, December is crazy busy, so this year we decided to close a week before Xmas & head out of town a little earlier than usual…elements i love, blog, road trip, From my round table research there appears to be a great divide between men and women in their approach to the classic Aussie road trip.  Men want to get in the car & drive non-stop until they reach their destination. The girls however, are happy to meander, cruise, stop for the odd photo or two, a cup of tea and a wee of course 🙂 I try to tell him its all about the journey not the destination, as he roars off at 5.30am.roadtrip-elements-i-love-blogSo these days ‘he’ leaves a day or two before in his ute along-with a collection of surfboards. The following day my daughter and I pack the car with ‘the ham’, presents & other Christmas paraphernalia at our leisure, drive at our own pace, capturing places along the way…elements i love, blog, flowers, xmasno stress to get there at a particular time, no pressure, its such a great way to wind down & by the time we see the Christmas bush tumbling over the tin shed we know we have arrived… elements-i-love, interiors, xmas

Looking forward to posting some Christmas inspiration from the farm once we have unpacked the car!  xo Brooke
*you can join us on the road via instagram & stories♡ 

NB. Elements i love will be closed from December 16th and will re-open January 10th, 2017. All online orders can be collected after this date and all orders will be posted in the first week we open 🙂  Wishing you all a very Merry Xmas…from the far south coast.road-trip-elements-i-love-blog

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