My Xmas Week in Pictures…

Arrival. I never thought i would be so happy to see a dirt road…elements-i-love-blog-photography
Every year we breathe a collective sigh of relief as we turn off the highway. Large droplets of a rain fall just as we turn onto the track – it greets us like a long lost friend & makes me feel pretty lucky that we can return to the same place year after year. The French know it, traditions & family really do make the world go around (though i always thought it was gin & tonic)elements i love, xmas, blog, country xmas

Settling in. A visit to my mothers veggie patch grounds us, she is always keen to share the spoils of her very organic and somewhat unruly veggie patch. Mother & daughter differ right here – i would be desperate to have neat little rows of lettuce but such order is not high on her priority list. A tour of the fruit trees and her wild strawberry patch is always a raging success with my daughter too…
elements i love, xmas, blog, country xmas

elements i love, blog, country, xmas       img_20161222_211903

Last summer a Rosemary & Strawberry Cordial was a big hit – so with the strawberry patch sprouting an over supply, Ms M. bottled up a batch for the summer holidays…it makes a mean Sloe-Gin Cocktail 🙂

Christmas Shenanigans. After finding some wreaths in the attic that need a little TLC and the forest at our doorstep, my daughter & I decide to go all crafty for the afternoon. With a basket full of  gum-nuts and foliage we find enough to make a half-a-dozen instagram worthy wreaths but we settle for a big one + a small one – for the front and back doors…
elements i love, blog, country, xmas

elements i love, blog, country, xmas

elements i love, blog, country, xmas
elements i love, blog, country, xmas

Although my daughter is well past the age of leaving carrots out for Santa, she still loves cutting down a Christmas tree every year. With some jazzy Christmas tunes on,  the whole family gets decorating and cooking, sorting the fridge, looking at recipes & sharing foodie ideas all in all a general faff and mess about day…

Christmas Eve. Growing up with Norwegians as our closest family friends we fell in love with the simple scandi cuisine, our friends have long since returned to Norway but every year we celebrate Christmas Eve with a meal of gravlax that my mum and step dad have cured.  It’s become a much loved tradition over the years (as i said last year!) and we have perfected the accompaniments – finely sliced salmon, lots of dill, lemons, black bread, boiled potatoes, green leaves from the garden, yummy home made mayonnaise, capers & super fine sliced red onion. A simple but heavenly combination.



Christmas Day….non stop from dawn til dusk! Hope you had a great one too x

elements i love, blog, country, xmas
Have you been Naugty or Nice?

elements-i-love-blog-post-xmas elements-i-love-blog-xmas-5


elements i love, blog, country, xmas           elements i love, blog, country, xmas

So this is Christmas, and what have you done, another year over, and a new one begun (John Lennon)

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  1. Had saved this column till I had time to look at it. I loved it. Looks like a wonderful way to spend the holiday and a lovely place to do it.

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