Paris + Snow ❄

Hello 2017, I was so ready to come back to work this year and get started, but then the heat came and zapped all my energy (so we decided to close Saturdays in the summer!)closed-sats-icecream Suddenly i was wishing i was in Paris on a buying trip and catching the latest design trends at Maison & Objet. Heading to France in January is a great way to escape Sydney’s humidity and an inspiring way to kick start the year especially if it snows…
elements i love, blog, travel, pariselements i love, paris, france, winter               A few years ago this is what happened ❄ it started snowing in the evening and..elements-i-love-snow-paris-3and it didn’t stop, i wanted to walk all night…a quick visit to the Louvre & onto Pont Des Arts (pedestrian bridge) elements i love, paris, france, snoweveryone on the street was chatting and taking photos..

elements i love, paris, snow, blog
Pont Des Arts with those padlocks (no more)
past Notre Dame…
and someone singing in the snow under a lamppost….
& then across the bridge to Ile St a mirage in the snow, a busking, tramp/gypsy in his own world of possessions & contraptions – a fantastical sight to end the night…!

 and in the morning Paris was under snow…

the view from our apartment
elements i love, snow, paris, blog
Snowed in…
elements i love, blog, paris, snow
Places Des Vosges


elements i love, paris, snow, seine

elements i love, paris, snow

elements i love, paris, snow, seine

elements i love, snow, paris

We have been lucky enough to experience Paris a few times with snow but never quite like this fall! Hope you have enjoyed my winter escape –  x Brooke



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