Travel Notes-Market mayhem in Delhi

Hello friends,
As the year starts to fall into place my thoughts turn to travel – where to, when, and how it will all work takes some planning.  I am addicted to photography  &  love capturing our experiences on the road. Today I wanted to share a few hours spent in the markets of Chandni Chowk situated in the heart of Old Delhi.  There is always something to discover in India no matter how many times you have travelled here.elementsiloveblogindiatravel-8

New Delhi is often just an entering and exit point for a buying trip, but on our last trip we had time to explore the markets  – its not for everyone this kind of chaos but we loved it. Give the rickshaw wallahs a miss (see the traffic jam below) and take to the streets by foot…

Tuk-Tuk traffic jam as far as the eye can see…

A twisted maze of alley ways and streets make up the market areas – here you will find the best-worst smells of India. We were en route to Khari Baoli, the spice market, but there were many scenes to take in along the way… elementsilove,blog,india,travel Frozen yoghurt popsicles…

 Lime juice seller, its rush hour all day…


Throngs of buyers & sellers walk the streets alongside human rickshaws, maimed street beggars, & push carts piled high with sacks of grain & shiny children scrubbed clean on their way to school. Colour & grime seem to combine into a heady photographic cocktail that make suburban street life everywhere else look dull by comparison!

Along the way we pass Katra Neel the cloth market where Saris, silk and every other fabric imaginable are sold…elementsilove,blog,india,travel

Down every little side street are other specialist sellers – in Nai Sarak they sell stationery and books while in Lal Kuan you will find hardware. Tilak is an industrial chemical market, and Dariba Kalan is the street for jewellery…many of the shops have been here for over 200 years.

And then finally we make our way around a corner, and its a crazy chaotic corner as all the push carts, and rickshaws struggle to get around. You can smell the spices, nuts, herbs, the dates, and tamarind…and see bags of flowers too, we have arrived at Asia’s largest spice market, the street known as Khari Baoli.


elements-i-love-travel-indianelements-i-love-india-travel-2There are still some flower sellers here though the wholesale market moved to the outskirts of Dehli some years ago…that could  be another trip 🙂www-elementsilove-com-4







 Like any big market its easy to get distracted before you get to the pulsing heart of it. Just like the Puce in Paris lots of visitors go there and never get past the first few blocks of alley ways. Do some research and know where you want to go and what you want to see…use a google map to get familiar with the area first.

Generally 2- 3 hours in a busy, crowded place like this is my max before i am completely overwhelmed, there are plenty of tours/walks available if that’s your preference and also lots of local touts who will hassle you senseless once you arrive!  But that’s India in all its beautiful chaos, and part of what makes travel such a life changing experience…so i better get planning! Let me know what you have planned for 2017?? x Brooke 

elements i love, blog, india, travel
Don’t forget to look up as you wander through Chandni Chowk, crumbling architecture lines the streets, it must have looked amazing in its day…



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