As Found – be bold, buy old..

I often hashtag my instagram posts with ‘buy old, not new’ – i feel in this day and age its more important than ever…

Over a rather long time my partner & I have passionately pursued the re-used, re-cycled & re- purposed ethos. For the past 20 + years we have been buying and selling the old, the useful and the just plain beautiful…Architectural elements , furniture and decorative pieces for your home and interiors spaces.
Admittedly a lot of our finds are unique & not exactly bargain buys so with this in mind we have created an As Found/Salvage collection.Here you will find a page dedicated to the rustic, the weather beaten and quite frankly a little easier on the hip pocket. As old buildings are our first love you will find a great selection of second hand architectural salvage in the As Found collection. But there are lots of small decorative elements like these Victorian cast iron spears…
and other finds that are charming, sometimes useful but always decorative!

With a little thought & creativity it is easy to incorporate items like this into gardens and courtyards – second hand materials that have stood the test of time, the rust is real not faux!  If you haven’t seen our elementsiloveshop page on Instagram – use the  link to see what I have been posting, just last week this fabulous original Aussie vintage rocking horse arrived & we unearthed 5  ‘original’ wrought iron post lanterns…ready for a little TLC.
Shutters, who doesn’t love, want or need a pair of shutters. They come and they go but there is no such thing as a standard size when you are talking about old houses…
It’s very satisfying & sometimes amazing to see these fabulous elements sourced by us domestically & abroad from South America, France, India, Morocco, Belgium & beyond incorporated into Australian homes & commercial spaces – a cedar header/transom once graced a very elegant pair of French doors in Buenos Aires…what would you do with it now?

france, travel, elements i love, blog
France, one of the better places in the world to source the old & the beautiful…

We hope you find some treasures in our As Found/Salvage collection, we had fun putting it together! We will udate with new finds regularly so keep an eye out – you never know what you may find… in the meantime here are some useful and timely links about recycling 🙂  x Brooke

The 5 R’s

2 campaigns pushing to ban plastic bags & sign a petition

Welcome to Reverse Garbage!

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