French bird light love…

If there is a single item that can make or break the interior of just about any room it is lighting ~ I sometimes think I could live by candlelight alone… but it can be moody or industrial lights, re-purposed lights or just something that is quirky and whimsical, that can truly transform the feel of your room.

When I first discovered the French bird lights at Maison & Objet many years ago I was instantly in love….We shipped the full range in our container at the time, and their enduring popularity has meant they have been part of our French shipments ever since. French bird light, challieres,elements i love

Created in a studio in Paris in 2006, the French bird light collection is still made by hand in the heart of Paris by Challieres – a company founded by charismatic but private couple Mathieu and Sandrine who are “are not on any social network and therefore do not respond to any invitation. Thank you for your understanding”

challieres french bird lights, elements i love, on the blog

This 20th C Swedish apartment has an eclectic feel, lots of different light sources here…

We are proud to have been the importers & Australian stockists of this range that is found around the globe from inception and currently have the all the “birdies” in stock. We are offering a discount of 10% on our 3 remaining standard lamps in stock. {1st in best dressed}  Price rises and exchange rate means this is a great buy….French bird light, challieres, sydney, elements i love*NB.This standard lamp model is a pick up from the store only purchase…

french bird light, challieres, elements i love, interiors

As you can see the French birds lights are happy in any interior, other lights are available from the Challieres studio so get in touch if you are looking for something a little out of the ordinary !  x Brooke 

Happy Birds 2006 – 2016 Created in Paris by Challieres


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