Arched window inspiration…
Arched Window currently in store

Arches are always a good idea…

Of all the architectural elements, ” arches ” seem to have the most enduring appeal; over the years we have bought, sold & kept quite a few arched antique doors & windows…

I often wonder where all the beautiful pieces we sell end up, so its always nice to see them pop up on social media. We will have to wait and see what kind of space these French pointed arched iron windows will help create, hard to imagine they once had panels of lead light and were part of a Gothic church circa 1890’s…

antiques for living, arched french mirror, elements i love, blog post  antiques for living, architectural antiques, blog, elements i love

So many possibilities, use decoratively in a garden with mirror or they could be glazed with clear glass or as these images show; simple lead panels make a stunning effect. I shared a few images on our Pinterest board….

I am forever capturing houses with faded facades and decaying gracefully,  if you are lucky enough to be renovating a home locally we have unearthed some rare arched windows… find them here

elements i love, antique mirrors, blog    

Be creative, use arches as bed heads or as decorative elements ..this image below from Kara Rosenlund pops up often on Pinterest/google when searching for arched windows 🙂
If you are new to our website there are many ways of finding what you are looking for, use the Search bar > this fabulous Moroccan arched window can be found under our Architectural Elements collection…

arches antiques, blog, elements i love...
Very original Moroccan arched window and vintage brass torcheres…
elements i love, antiques for living, blog post,
Not easy to find, antique doors that are good enough to build around…

Or you can always visit us in store, where there is so much more…but don’t forget to rug up its pretty chilly in these old warehouses –  see you soon! x Brooke
Tuesday – Saturday 10am- 4pm.

PS. a little trivia for you the euro note has Gothic arches on it 🙂

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